Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Something Old, Something New, Something Fun and Something Cute

Something Old

 This is a lion pillow that my Grandma had made for whenever her grand-kids would come and visit.  I have lots of memories laying on the floor in her living room watching TV or playing with my siblings and cousins!

Something New

That being said, I wanted to make something similar for my sister and nephew-to-be.  Jeremy and Annie like to visit the zoo and have taken many pictures of the giraffes.   I thought this would be appropriate for their household.  It is one of my very own first designs!

Eeeek!  Baby Drool!
I am a chick magnet!

 I have been having a blast making this onsies for the new baby! 
Future Nintendo Nerd!

Baby hats I have knit for baby!  MN TWINS colors baby!

My sweet little neighbor boy Peter-pie wanted me to make him a Man with the Yellow Hat sleeping Cap.  Complete with yellow pompom!

 Well off to work on some more fun things!  Talk to you all later! 


  1. You do such good work and you are so creative! Love what your creativity!

  2. Tia, you are so creative! Love the onesies!